Pulitzer Amsterdam

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Aménagé dans des maisons de canal datant du XVIIe et du XVIIIe siècles, le Pulitzer Amsterdam est un hôtel de luxe récemment rénové, situé le long des célèbres canaux Prinsengracht et Keizersgracht.

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Un guide des lieux d'exception à proximité de Pulitzer Amsterdam

  1. Pulitzer's Bar

    The case when ambiance is more important than food & drinks:) Really worth visiting at least once

    97 m de l'hôtel
    Keizersgracht 234

  2. Kessens

    Had the shrimp salad sandwich (not the actual name)+ excellent cappuccino that came w delicious almond pastry of which I had to have more. Very comfortable atmosphere for dining solo or w company.

    140 m de l'hôtel
    Rozengracht 24

  3. Salmuera

    We had a lovely diner at the nice terrace! It all looks so beautiful! We had some nice cocktails and delicious ceviche! After the ceviche we've tried the steak lomo and the rib-eye! Very good&tender!

    263 m de l'hôtel
    Rozengracht 106

  4. Mendo

    Know the term #BookPorn? Come on in to find the meaning. Your coffee table is now dreaming to have a book from here.

    273 m de l'hôtel
    Berenstraat 11

  5. Chocolatl

    Probably the best foodstuff store in town, Erik and Leslie's expert advice makes this store an always wonderful experience. Tell them what you like in chocolate and let them wow you.

    333 m de l'hôtel
    Hazenstraat 25-A

  6. 9 Straatjes

    Really all kind of shops and stuff, prepare to shop big time and put on easy shoes

    337 m de l'hôtel
    tussen Prinsengracht en Singel

  7. De Nieuwe Yogaschool

    Very beautiful space. The more advanced yoga classes in the small studios tend to be a lot better than the big classes in the main room - they don't allow for corrections by the teachers. Oh, and WHM!

    342 m de l'hôtel
    Laurierstraat 109

  8. Tromp Kaashuis

    Super friendly and knowledgeable staff and delicious cheeses. Heaven for tourists, paradise for locals. You'll never want to eat supermarket cheese again.

    357 m de l'hôtel
    Elandsgracht 27

  9. De Bierkoning

    Please take off your backpack or you surely will break some bottles.

    445 m de l'hôtel
    Paleisstraat 125

  10. Foodware

    Best fishcakes in town!

    453 m de l'hôtel
    Looiersgracht 12

  11. Raw Materials - The home store

    Awesome furniture and trinkets for your home, if you’re into that industrial look

    453 m de l'hôtel
    Rozengracht 231

  12. Van Stapele Koekmakerij

    Selling just one type cookie but the best one. Fresh baked, lovely. 6 cookies for 10 eur.

    0.6 km de l'hôtel
    Heisteeg 4